Dennis Boone's shared radio clutter

Dennis' quick reference documents for ARPSC operators working in the field can be found here. These are very out of date.

A pile of Motorola hacking web sites converted to .pdb files for the Palm handheld computer are here.

Dennis' information sheet on LISTSERV and the Ingham County, Michigan ARPSC mailing list is here.

The trivnetdb packet database package is here. The Minneapolis/St. Paul folks have since re-written this, and have far more experience using it.

Dennis' palm database of all hams in the State of Michigan is here. This is also very out of date.

Pages about the Motorola Syntor X radio related projects I've done, including the syntorxgen code plug generator, the xcatctl package for controlling an xcat board are here.

D-Star related stuff I've hacked up is here.

NiceRF has some cute and inexpensive little FM radio modules (model SA828) which are tiny and available to cover the 2m and 70cm ham bands. NiceRF provides a Windows configurator program that's a bit feeble. Besides, it runs on Windows. Ack! The available programming documentation omits some key information, like timing, for the configuration protocol. Here is a perl script for Linux that can configure these radios.