A Program to Create PROM Files for the Low-Band SyntorX
Contributed by Brian Ellsworth, KA1JY

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SYNTFX3.EXE uses MS-Excel files for its input. Edit the excel file and save it as a .csv comma delimited file. Then use that file as the input for the program.

The Excel file is straightforward except the scan modes.
In the file,
scan = 0 is noscan
scna = 1 enables scanning
list = 0 is for select mode
list = 1 uses nonpriority scan list

A couple of hints:

Don't put mode numbers in the psc1, psc1 or list if you don't want scanning.
If the program detects anything but zero in those slots it will enable the scan modes.

The output is a file in Motorola 'S' record format that is downloadable to almost any PROM burner.

Here is a sample Excel file and a sample CSV file.

Please contact Brian directly at ka1jy<at>mail1.nai.net if you are interested in the QBasic source code.