I bought a T34KEJ7J04AKSP99 from a guy on Ebay, it was billed as untested.

I opened it and it has no transmitter !!  I looked at the factory build decal on the lid of the radio, and it shows a single receive frequency (matching the one in the radio) with ???? as a transmit frequency.

Close inspection reveals that the mounting holes for the various transmitter assemblies in the radio have never had screws in them. The high current leads which would normally go to the PA are cut off flush at the capacitor.

Have you ever heard of an X9000 which was set up as a receiver only????

I have programmed it with 32 channels and it is a fully functional scanning receiver.

People might want to watch out for "SP99" !!

Curious though if there is a typo on the VHF Range 2 - VCO Range V1 & V0 ?
The values for the rx vco look to be wrong? I calculate it out as 0=203.9 - 215.9 and 1=215.9 - 227.9. Or am I missing something here.
I have used your program but made the above changes and seems to work fine.