Syntorxgen contributed tools
Here you will find syntorxgen-related items contributed by folks who have been brave enough to actually use the beast. My thanks to the contributors for letting me know my work was useful, and for sharing their work with the world.
Kris Kirby's (KE4AHR) v0.1

The following is excerpts of various e-mail messages from Kris:

Attached is a script I wrote over the last week that can build simple config files for syntorxgen, autoincrement the mode number, and write out the number of modes used. It doesn't support scanning or many other modes at the moment. It was written on FreeBSD, but as it's targeted to /bin/sh, it should be portable. To run it, just chmod +x the file, and ./ $filename, where $filename is the file you want to create or append to.
bc, grep, and sed are dependencies.
Go ahead and release it GPL'd.

Download v0.1

If you're using the bash shell, you may need this patch if you get errors like this:

./ line 101: syntax error near unexpected token `else'
./ line 101: `else'

when you run

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